Friday, 7 March 2014

Excited for today 8 March 2014

A S S A L A M U A L A I K U M W A R O H M A T U L L A H I W A B A R O K A T U H ! 

Hello and A very goodmorning to alls . hello peeps , hello readers , hello bloggers hello hello and helloo :)

Okay, so i haven't really been to updating my blog. I dont really know what to update about. Yeahhh because i'm not in mood maybe *hahaaa* to write . Um so I found these advertisement from YADIM's blog.

It's about seminar " Jejak Menara " for budak lepasan spm , stam and stpm 2013 yang diadakan oleh Yadim Kelantan di Uitm , Machang pada hari ini . Macam bestt jehh macam menarik jeeehh . hihihii So , i agreed with my friends to go there and my friends want to join this seminar .

Whoaa, i really really excited to know that and inshaAllah i'll be there as soon as possible in this morning with my bestiee . So , i hope it didn't dissapoint me and  friends :') yeahh we hope thatt *english berteraburr duhh* peduli apa aku XD

Hope tak boring . so siapa yang pergi dekat sana , kalau jumpa tegur tegur la kita . eh ? *bajet retisss pulakkk* ahahaha . okay lah . see you there guys . byeee . assalamualaikum :*

XOXO #FifahZairi

! ♥ Terima kasih daun keladi ♥!

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